Nagwala Rezida  & Co. Advocates

Over the years, NARE has as a result of the quality services offered drawn and grown an extensive client base from far and wide, both locally and internationally. An array of our Clientele includes;

  • MicroVest Capital Management LLC and its affiliates
  • Finca International Inc
  • Kensington Africa Ltd
  • Ruperelia Group of Companies including among others Meera Investments, Rosebud (U) Ltd, Goldstar Insurance Co. Limited
  • Nation Media Group Limited
  • Biyinzika Poultry International Ltd
  • Biyinzika Enterprises Limited
  • Property Services Limited
  • Rai Group of Companies including Kinyira Sugar Ltd, Hoima Sugar Ltd, Nile Plywood Ltd, Ndovu Investments Ltd.
  • Non-govermental Organisations
  • Private Individuals

A detailed account of specific services offered to some clients, which you may particularly be interested in benefiting from can, subject to confidentiality obligations, be readily availed to you on request

Airtel Uganda
Uganda Development Bank
Stanbic Bank
Uganda Wildlife Authority

Uganda Investment Athourity
Housing Finance Bank Ltd
Mara Group of Companies
Daily Monitor

FINCA Uganda
Kaweri Coffe Plantaion
FBW Uganda Limited
Face Technology